Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tempting Drunken Knitters

My friend Gina and I have our own little KAL with Knitty's Tempting. On a roll, I do a round in 10 minutes, so that calculates to 1 stitch every 3 seconds. Am I a slow knitter? I'm using acrylic, and if all goes well, I'm going to splurge on the pricey stuff. This is such a cute top, so I'd like to have a few different versions of it.

We just co-founded the Drunken Knitters Club. We meet every other Friday, somewhere downtown during happy hour, to drink beer while knitting. Only simple projects are recommended. Here we are together working on Tempting. Although I vowed to only knit this while drinking, I've cheated and knitted it sober too. So far, I can't see a difference.

Recently a thread in the Knitlist board asked, "How does knitting enhance your life?" For me, it's a combination of excitement when I hit the LYS, awe when I read the magazines and books, and complete bliss when I sit stitching for hours. But most of all, I am blessed to meet such great friends through knitting!

While we read knitting books and knitted at the library, a nice lady stopped by and complimented our work, "That's so neat! Do you meet regularly to knit? Will you teach me?" I jump at every chance to assemble and knit, so I agreed to meet her a week later with tools and yarn to get her started. Then I'll send her off with a shopping list of necessities, and she'll remember me forever as the lady in the library who spread the joy of knitting.

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  1. Hello there. Even though I don't drink, I like the idea of knitting and drinking. That sounds fun and challenging. Smile.

    I enjoy reading blogs and especially if there are those that get together to knit.

    Drink one for me!


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