Monday, May 16, 2005

Yarn Yardage & Management

Winding YarnI purchased my ball winder sans swift, thinking I could invent one. A few months ago, I crafted a hank maker, exactly 1 yard wide, so I could measure yardage from my recycled sweaters. Turns out, it's also handy for measuring yardage on unmarked skeins, too. It only takes a few minutes to wind and measure several ounces of yarn. Then I wind it back into a skein directly from my hank maker, using my hand to guide the yarn - no swift needed.

Ideally, I'd like to display all my yarns out in the open, but until I build the perfect cabinet, much of my yarn is hidden. I have all my cotton, sock, and novelty yarns in baskets beside me. The bottom dresser drawer is full of my felting wools, the bag under the table holds acrylics, and behind me on the couch, I have yarn pillows - zippered throw pillowcases filled with yarn instead of stuffing.

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  1. i really like your little blog! i am so glad i found it.
    you are such a crafty girl.
    and i am intrigued by your double sock thing you got going!


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