Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stashing and Security

Cotton Ease Yarn StashAfter reading Knitlist members raving about LB Cotton Ease, I was curious. I figured $2.00 a skein was a deal, so I bought 12. Then after feeling how soft it was, went back for 12 more. It's worsted weight, so I should be able to substitue it for nearly any project that requires such.

I couldn't resist the LB Incredible ribbon yarn price at Wal-Mart. Now I'll have to find a project for 600 yds. I have several nice patterns from my stash of books & mags, so I'm going for a cute little t-top.

TM sells the Baylene plastic needles at $4.99 a 5-pair set. Now I have 14" straights in sizes 6 thru 10. I've yet to try plastic, but so far, I think it's neat that they're so flexible.

Plastic needles will also pass security checks. I went to pay a traffic ticket yesterday, and since I'd just come from a knitty lunch with Gina, I had a bag full of metal, which promptly set off the courthouse alarms. A giant officer confiscated my bag and put it throught the scanner. He was nice enough to let me see what it looked like on screen (way cool!) and then had me open up all my little bags of needles and notions. He exclaimed, "Wow, you could really hurt somebody with this stuff!" I looked him in the eye and smiled, "Now officer, do I look like I could hurt anybody?" He laughed, winked, and handed the bag back to me.

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