Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Strange Heels, Crooked Ribs, and Tight Chevron

Current Knitting ProjectsKnitting makes me happy, but sometimes the results can affect me otherwise.

Here's my failed attempt at QK's crazy heels. After ripping back 3 times, I went short row - with wraps and all. Now the heels are strangely pointed, and don't resemble perfect store-bought socks, but there are no holes, no ridges, and they fit - yea!

Once past the heels, I gave up on the magic loop, because adjusting the needles through my tight stitches every round and untangling the yarn drove me bonkers. I tried stuffing the balls into the socks, which made everything too heavy.

'Tempting' is starting to look twisted when I hold it up. Is that a drawback of knitting in the round? I'm sad that my wonky acrylic stitches will never block or wash even. I could slap myself for not knitting it in a natural fiber. Now I know.

This ponchette thing is totally stroking my ego with my perfect chevron pattern in soft-as-down yarn, and... holy %&#*@! My gauge is off by 1 inch in width and length! Then again, the pattern says "one size" and the person I'm knitting this for is on the petite side. I think if I add a few rows for length, it'll be fine. As I hold it up to my body, it looks so nice, in fact, that I might have trouble giving it away....

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