Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thank You, Secret Pal!

I love this fuzzy Colinette Mohair in beautiful shades of sage. This yarn even SMELLS good, almost like freshly cut grass. I'm already imagining a snuggly shawl for fall. I love this this UK magazine, Knitting. Though there's only 9 patterns, they are all knit-worthy, and it's published monthly. There's some good articles too, about Penny O'Neil's Artrageous Crochet, and a quick tour of UK's last big spinnery in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Even the ads are cool. Thank you Secret Pal!

Colinette Yarn Graffiti in SlateI showed my honey the two men's patterns, and he really likes this sweater. Bonus: 6 & 6.5 mm needles - wheeee! Colinette recommends 7-8 hanks of Graffiti for a 42 inch sweater, but this pattern requires (gulp) 13 hanks for a 44 inch one. Is this a scam to make me buy more yarn than I need?


  1. I'm so glad you liked your "gifties"! Doesn't everyone need more and more and more yarn???hugs,
    Your SP

  2. Meilynne, It's not a scam to buy more yarn. But the cabling/texture work eats up yarn and I can't tell from the picture I'm looking at it, but there is definitely some sort of cabling/Aran/texture and that is what's taking up the yarn. You may want to find a yarn that gives you the same gauge as that yarn, but that's less expensive than the Colinette. It can be pretty pricey. You could always look at KnitPicks or even good ol' Brown Sheep or Cascade 220. Or other yarns, of course.


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