Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cotton Tops

click to enlargeI went to my parent's on the 4th, and here's my DD's tank I left there. Isn't it lovely? If you look closely, I used 2 sts of seed stitch on the borders to stop the stockingnette curl. Once dishcloth cotton is washed, fabric softened, and tossed in the dryer, it feels dreamy. It's 100% cotton, for crying out loud, so stop wrinkling your nose!

click to enlargeHere's another experimental top in dishcloth cotton. It's what I originally used to begin the above tank, but as you can see, a wider piece yields a better color pattern. While knitting this, it occurred to me to use different dye lots in alternating rows, to prevent the pooling of colors that can still occur even with alternating rows, and keep the variegation pleasingly random.

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  1. I knit my Interweave Knits Cable Eight top out of dishcloth cotton. I had the same thought as you... it's 100% cotton - just what the pattern called for.


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