Thursday, July 28, 2005

Felted Purse & Happy Hour Knitting & Spinning

click to enlargeMy little felted hearn purse is a trio of firsts for me: first intarsia, first i-cord, and first felting. Using Jay by Goddess Yarns and 9mm needles, it gauged at 3 sts/inch. I used a top loader, gentle cycle, hot water, small load, regular detergent, and washed with a pair of old jeans and some pink jammies. For the first 10 minutes, it did nothing, then magically, it shrunk in about 2 minutes, so I pulled it out and rinsed in cold water, pressed with towels, and blocked with plastic bags. It shrunk about a third, more in height than in width. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the way this felted, but if I make another one, I'll decrease the top edge, since it sort of bells out, or make a flap or button hole. I might sew a zipper to this one, and that would be another first for me.

click to enlargeMy latest SEX: Peaches-n-Cream for a fun DD top, and Goddess Hayden, a smooth & sturdy cotton & silk blend to make something nice for me.

I tried to buy more yarn than this, mostly from the sale bin, and my boss Maria wouldn't let me! She warned my of the dangers of stashing, about employees that never saw a paycheck, and strongly encouraged me to only buy as much yarn as needed for current projects. Wise advice we should all heed!

Kelly & Mei

Kelly's Yarnclick to enlarge

Kelley and I met at the coffee shop again, and we wish you were there Shannon! Susan was there too, but all photos of her were blurry. Kelley is the coolest! She brought her spinning supplies, and showed us how she handspins her colorful yarn. After a few hours of stitching and spinning, the evening evolved into "Knitters Gone Wild" - several beers, two bars, punk rock bands, foozball, and then I overslept for work - not a good example for week two. Luckily Maria didn't mind the least bit, and I made up for it by untangling hanks of Collinette.


  1. Aww! I wish I had been there, too. Knitting is so much more fun than taking a test. I'm glad you guys had fun, though. I'm actually really sad that I missed "Knitters Gone Wild," though. We'll have to have a repeat performance.

    See you soon!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I love spinning, but wish I had a pal to do it with.

  3. I love the bag, it turned out soooo nice! Sounds like you had fun the other night. I really want to learn to spin, and have a drop spindle but just haven't been able to master it yet. Yesterday I found (for the first time) Spin Off magazine which I picked up because it had so step-by-step instructions on drop spindle spinning. We'll see if I can 'get it' in the near future.

  4. Sounds like you hada fun evening, that is always good. I love the color you selected in Hayden. That red will be a great color on you.


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