Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mom's Crochet Purses

bromeliadI spent this weekend at my parents' home, and though I'm disappointed to miss the Stitch-n-Bitch meeting again, I've got enough yarn and books here to keep me happy. The anonymous poster on the previous photo of this flower was right - it is a type of bromelaid plant. Now little tiny flowers are budding from what we thought was the flower.

click to enlargeI knit with my mom in the living room at night while she crochets. She doesn't use patterns or schematics, only looking at the photos in the books I've given her for inspiration. She amazes me, and now I know from where my creative influence developed. I'd like to teach her how to read patterns, and encourage her to make clothing, but that would require proper gauge and sewing. Even crochet lovers are intimidated those, too.


  1. your mother's purses are quite beautiful! i love all the little different details on each one.

  2. I knew it! At least I can tell my dh I know something, lol.


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