Monday, October 31, 2005

Knitting Right Along

WIP's: Red Lacy Ribbed Pullover, Kool-Aid Socks, Twisty-Turns, Slipper Socks, and Principles of KnittingYarn is good, so for the past 11 months, every single day of my life has been wonderful in some way. Family, work, and love are great, and my knitting class is learning quickly! I enjoy seeing their faces light up as their projects grow, and I remember how great it felt when I had those same revelations with yarn. At first, knitting was fun, but now I realize it induced a spiritual awakening in my soul, and set me on a path to creative fulfillment.

Devoting only an hour or so per day on two epic projects & a pair of socks, my WIP's are progressing slowly, because I checked out "Principles of Knitting" from the library, and I can't stop reading it. Ms. Hiatt is to knitting as Jung is to psychology. This book is not a how-to for beginners, since the layout is strange. Cast-ons are explained after several pages of knit & purl, stitch patterns, increases, decreases, circular and medallion knitting. Rather, this is more like a reference book on the science of knitting. I hope it will be reprinted soon, as I'll be first in line to add it to my book stash.

click to enlargeAfter years of driving around with a huge dent in my car, I finally saved enough money for repairs. Then I rear-ended a lady a few months ago, and the insurance settlement was enough to help cover a bumper-to-bumper paint job as well. Now my Honda looks new again, and no longer will I embarassed DD when I pick her up at school.

click to enlargeDD always wants to be the traditional vampire for Halloween. I think it's because it's the only time she can wear eyeliner. I cheesed it up as Redneck Vampress, complete with wife-beater shirt, dog-ears, camo hat, and one fang. DD was trying so hard to stay in serious gothic character, but when I'd say, "I'm gonna bite yer neck," she couldn't stop laughing. Oh how I love a good chocolate buzz!

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  1. Car looks good! Very cute faces in the pic! lol


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