Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dye Another Day

80 feet of potentialHere I go 'round & 'round again with more yarn. Now I know my home is exactly 40 feet from front door (where I'm standing w/ the camera) to the back door (from where DD, a.k.a. my lovely assistant, is waving). I'm not sure what I want to dye with this wool yet, but it'll definitely be self-striping. This time though, I'll experiment with variegation within the stripes.

Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool is a little on the scratchy side, but its economical 450 yards per skein holds up well to the acidity of dyeing. This yarn also felts like a dream, which is a downside in dyeing. One must treat this yarn gently, or else the strands will felt together - something I learned with the watermelon colorway not too long ago. I've yet to pull it apart, a task I'm procrastinating until the next rainy afternoon.


  1. I have spent the past day reskeining yarn for dyeing too! I just got my package from Wool2dye4 and the one pound cone gave me 4 100gm balls and one 50gm ball. The superwash marino gave me two 115gm balls/skeins! You need to come over, I am dyeing to dye!

    btw...Kevin made me a warping board for mothers day and it is GREAT! Nice to be able to wind the entire thing on your lap instead of the hall!

  2. Wow! that's a great picture! I love it!!!


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