Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Knit and Crochet

click to enlargeI hooked up one of the little thread crochet snowflakes from Simply Creative Crochet. If time permits, the other 2 patterns will soon follow. They're so cute, I just ordered 60 Crocheted Snowflakes, supposedly patterned after the actual crystalized shapes.

I also experimented with beginner's amigurumi. Ok, mine's just a basic ball, but now I know why those cute dolls are popping up all over the place. Little balls are super-quick to hook, and a make a great place to stuff leftover yarn scraps!

click to enlargeHere's me and my favorite baby wearing one of my favorite pasttimes. This time, I did a straight body, front and back pieces, with no armhole shaping, a.k.a. the drop-shoulder style. I grafted the shoulders, then picked up the sleeves from the sides and knit down to the wrists. Next I picked up the crew neckline, knit in the round, and did the super-stretchy backstitch bind-off. Minimal sewing was involved - from the wrists to the pits, then down to the waist. The only problem with baby knitting is that they outgrow your hard work all too soon.

Boxy Baby Sweater

I knitted my first Christmas stocking this year. It's a basic sock pattern, with some super bulky leftovers, 48 sts on 8mm dpn's, hemmed cuff, round heel, and spiral toe. I just couldn't resist trying it on for size....

Knitted Christmas Stocking Knitted Christmas Stocking w/ Baby


  1. So cute! Love the picture of him in the stocking. Quick do you do that bind off you were talking about? I have only heard of the k1 pso (pass stitch over) type of bind off.

    Love the sweater...I have two little boys and they would love one of those. Totally need to make one.


  2. that baby is a great stocking stuffer. good work! :)

  3. ADORABLE! and a great sweater too! :o)


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