Monday, April 23, 2007

Psychedelic Granny Square Tote Bag

Psychedelic Granny Square Tote BagI finally finished it, though it may need a lining, ya think? For some reason, I thought the bag would be huge. Now it's more like an tote than for the beach.

Before you go gagging at my color choice, remember, this yarn has great sentimental value to me - the first skein of yarn I ever bought, though it was originally used in my DD's craft box for string.

One day, when DD was like 4 or 5, I was horrified to find she'd tied and strung up all her Barbies around the room with this yarn. She had them noosed or hanging upside down in various torturous positions. I slowly asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm playing Barbie Fear Factor, Mom!"

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  1. I'm laughing so hard. I used to re-enact and embellish upon various storylines from "All My Children" with my Barbies. Sadly one of my stories had Barbie and Ken trapped in the Barbie Motor Home on the edge of a cliff (aka my bed). Sadly the motor home went over the edge, and it really wasn't meant to withstand great crashes...Barbie and Ken were not injured though.


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