Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot Sox Progress

Sock Knitting Progress

The discovery of my DD's adversion to wool wouldn't have hurt so much, had I not first knit her a pair of knee-high socks in fingering weight yarn. Still, she wanted socks. Cotton seemed like the best option, but all I could find were cotton/wool blends. I was reluctant to knit socks with acrylic yarn, but this Bernat Hot Sox attracted us with it's bright colors. It actually knits up nicely, and I love how the colors are spiraling in a weird pattern.

Then I came across this article, Knitting for diabetic feet. Surprising, for socks, this author concludes that acrylic yarn is one of the best choices! Wool is still excellent, but cotton is the worst. Now I have an incredible urge to reorganize my sock drawer.


  1. You should check out Grumperina's non-wooly sock yarn list! She's quite the knowledgeable knitter!

  2. Oh, those are great fun! Cool!


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