Friday, September 14, 2007

A Crochet FO and Knit Nite

Fat Bottom Bag CrochetThe Fat Bottom bag is one of my favorite quickie crochet patterns, from one of my favorite crochet books. It's made of stash yarn, a tweedy Lion Brand Wool Ease, and some bamboo handles from Ebay. Sometimes I try to wing artsy photo shoots, but hanging it on my stitchionary calendar atop my computer was all I could muster today.

Last Knit Nite was a nice turnout again. D'wan took photos....


That's my sis & I, drinking beer while playing with yarn. She's been working on the same afghan for years, since it takes over half an hour to finish a row. She's made several smaller projects in between, mainly Knifty Knitter stuff, and a gorgeous felted crochet bag. Due to work or childcare conflicts, this is only her second Knit Nite. I hope we can convince Mom to babysit more.

Probably because of the beer, I dropped a stitch several rows back on the socks. Rather than ripping back hundreds of stitches, I performed surgery later when sober. Since I kept knitting over the spot where I dropped, I had to create a ladder, or enough yarn in between stitches to create the new stitches. So I tugged the slack from a few stitches on either side, then zipped right up the ladder. It was a 100% recovery.

Sock Knitting Surgery

You can find more photos of our knitting antics by searching "mei" or "knit" or whatever you can think of on D'wan's Flickr. She takes like a thousand photos a day, so you may want to sit down awhile.

Other than that, I finished a UFO from rag yarn that my DD started long ago, then handed to me, "Mom, will you finish my scarf, and add something fancy to it?" It sat in her knitting bag for months, but after a few quick flicks of size 17 needles, it's drying in the laundry room, awaiting its photo shoot this weekend.


  1. Looks like you all had a fun time. Although next time remember to not "knit and drink" ... LOL! Next time have coffee or cola!

  2. Gurllllll, didn't know you crochet too!! Awesome bag. And remember, don't climb ladders while intoxicated.

  3. The bag looks great, it was nice to meet your sis! And yes, reader, please enjoy the photos, but beware there are a ton of them.


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