Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Traffic Jam Dishcloth

Knitted Ball Band DishclothTraffic jams, stop lights, and waiting for DD at school, are all perfect opportunities to knit a row or two. It took a few months, but all those wasted minutes, where I'd normally be cursing at the city traffic, have been transformed into productive knitting time. Now I have another ball band dishcloth.


  1. Very pretty dishcloth - I need to learn how to knit so I can make some of those ballband ones! I get a lot of crocheting done on the bus (when it's not too crowded). It makes those miserably long, slow because of snow and ice, bus rides bearable!

  2. I love this pattern it looks challenging! Can you share it? I stumbled upon your blog post and I am so impressed with your productivity! I had tolaugh at this one because I Always bring a little something to knit in the car line.


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