Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knitting for Babies

One of my cousins just had a baby boy, so I'm working on a little seamless top-down raglan in Cotton Ease for him. It's going very quickly, but seeing how it's March and they live in Florida, I made the 12 month size so he can wear it this winter, especially if they go visit family over the holidays up north.

Baby Raglan Sweater Knitted Seamless Top-Down in Garter Stitch Stripes

Our favorite Knit Nite waiter is having a baby girl, so some of the knitters in our group each made a square or two in Sugar-n-Cream. Now it's up to me to block the squares, then seam them together, and finally add a border.

Knitted Baby Blanket Blocks


  1. The sweater looks like it's going to be really cute when it's done, and I love the blanket blocks! What a nice thing to do for your waitress. What color of Sugar N' Cream is that? Speaking of colors, did you know that there's a couple new Cotton-Ease colors out?

  2. Love the sweater colors and the blanket is going to be a hit.

    Is there a pattern for the sweater?


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