Friday, March 07, 2008

Snowflakes in March

Old man winter just won't let up. Look what he did to my daffodils! Still, it's a great excuse to stay in and play with yarn. Although I crocheted these snowflakes around Christmastime, in all the retail holiday chaos, I never got around to blocking them nor hanging them on my tree.

I finally got around to soaking them in a little fabric stiffener, then pinned them to styrofoam. They dried as hard as a rock. It's rare for a southern gal to have snowflakes on her mind in March.

If you want to try your hand at delicate thread crochet, this is a great little sample, as none of the snowflakes take more than four rounds, and you can make several with less than $5 in materials, and the patterns are free.

4 Crochet Snowflakes


  1. Meilynne,

    Those look great! Thread crochet is beautiful, but I can't work with tiny thread and hooks. Lucky you not usually having to worry about snow in March. We had a mammoth snow storm yesterday here in the Cleveland area. My office closed early, and I left at 2:45, but didn't get home until after 5:30, after spending an hour and half outside freezing waiting for a bus, and another hour (normally a 20-25 minute ride in good weather) on the bus. We even got a massive snow storm last year on Easter, even though it fell in April. This is the kind of weather where I have to ask myself why I still live in Cleveland. My husband spent part of his childhood/teenage years in Houston and San Antonio and said he missed the snow. The idea of actually missing snow is a foreign concept to me, LOL!

  2. Si può avere un tutorial per realizzarle?????? Grazieeee


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