Friday, August 08, 2008

Red Calorimetry

Red CalorimetryCalorimetry was quick, easy, and fun to knit. The shaping is via short rows, very much like bust darts or sock heels. I could've finished it in one day, but I had other things on my plate, so I worked on it for about 3 days, but altogether it took about 2 hours to knit.

It's a little narrower than the actual pattern, so it's more like a wide headband than a headscarf-earwarmer. I modified the pattern by using Red Heart Super Saver, CO'ed 100 sts, and worked it on 4mm needles. I knit down to 34-32-34 sts before increasing. Instead of a button, a twisted cord holds it together. Next time, I'd like to try it with wool, and CO all 120 sts to make the thing wider.


  1. This turned out great! The colors are so beautiful and happy!

  2. Looks very nice on you and red is definitely your color!


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