Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Mother Bear Box

Another box of hand-knit & crocheted Bears is on its way to the Mother Bear Project. Yes, I have been a little obsessed with making them. The Bears may be small and simple to stitch, but the happiness that they can bring to an orphaned child is huge.

You may have noticed a donation page added to my blog. I'm not usually one to ask for money for my hobbies. It feels too much like I'm standing on the side of the road hold a sign saying "Yarn addict - please help."

I already have enough yarn to make scores of Bears, so instead, I am asking for donations to send them. Each Bear requires a $3 donation to the organization to cover postal fees to the various foreign countries. A little math shows than this box costs me $35 ($24 for the Bears and $11 for shipping).

I don't want my tight student budget to hinder knitting for charity, so if you'd like to help, any amount donated will be appreciated. I also encourage you to knit and crochet, or whatever you can contribute, to help with charities. It feels great to do something good for someone in need.

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  1. nice job on the bears! i saw bear #15 in the Cotton Ease forum and had to come take a look. :)


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