Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Happy Mother Bear Box

Here is my first shipment of 2012 to the Mother Bear Project. They are happily riding on a cushion of more yarn for the Minneapolis knitters, too.

I haven't been as generous with my knitting lately. School, work, and my internship are keeping me busy. Also, I've been trying to enjoy a little more selfish knitting -- things that I can keep and wear, or to give away to family and close friends.

Still, I try to whip up a bear or two every month, and I donate extra yarn and tools to Mother Bear Project. They organize knitting groups in the Minneapolis area to make more bears. They also use the extra yarn to create their wonderful knit and crochet bear kits for sale, to support the charity.


  1. Cool! Thank you for the post. It's very interesting and fascinating most especially to those who love this kind of hobby.

  2. I love these! The Mother Bear project sounds like something I'd like to share with others. Thank you for letting me know about this awesome program. :)


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