Sunday, September 09, 2012

I got hooked on spinning, and though I love spindling, it's just not fast enough sometimes.  I purchased a spinning wheel back in April. That's why I've been quiet around here. Well, with that and also wrapping up my bachelor of science degree and landing a new job as a high school science teacher. Here's my Kromski Sonata in walnut, along with the jumbo and fast flyers and the arched lazy kate, plus some natural brown merino, all from

The Sonata is a portable wheel with a backpack so I've been able to haul it to a local spinning group I meet with once a month.  Three of us have the same wheel!

Here are the first yarns I spun.  The first three are from brown & cream tone mill end rovings from The last one is my first try at woolen style spinning of the brown merino. I've spun many more yarns and acquired a lot more fiber since, and I'll post photos and details a little later.

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