Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blue & Green Projects

By accident, my current projects are color coordinated. Tempting is at 11" now, and my socks are going to stall until QK's Crazy Toes & Heels arrives. I've ordered a few more books that I'm anxious to read, so my blog will be quiet for a while.

My latest projects include the "Crop Top" from Weekend Crafter's Knitting, and the Tahki's short poncho on p-27 Spring/Summer 2005 Vogue.

DD asked me to make this tank top, which is sized for adults only with 6.5mm needles. Substiting with 5mm needles and dishcloth cotton, I'm able to follow the large pattern and get the perfect size for my DD. Problems is, I'm not crazy about the variegation, but DD picked the yarn and loves it so far, so I guess that's all that matters.

I substitued Caron Feathers for the poncho, and it's the softest yarn ever. My first attempt at a chevron pattern looks great, and I've made lots of changes in this pattern. I made 2 garter ridges for the border, and the rest in stockingnette. Instead of always K2-tog, I'm matching with an improved SSK. Also, I'm purling the YO's through the back loop, to make them tighter. After completely frogging the first 2 attempts, this third time really is a charm!

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