Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another Knitty Weekend

I've been knitting away all weekend on my DD's tank top. I decided to forego the variegated cotton, as pretty as the colors were, it made blotchy patterns, even with alternating stripes. I imagine that a bigger piece of knitting will yield a more pleasing pattern. Instead, I'm using a baby blue cotton that she picked herself. Veering from the pattern, I added seed stitch borders and staggered the eyelets, while adding some at the neckline. I took photos, then realized my camera cord is at work, so this webcam photo will have to do until Monday.

My Mom is hooked on crochet again. My knitting rekindled her love for yarn, and for the past few weekends, we've been making beautiful things, while watching her fave TV shows on Discovery or Animal Planet. She bought crochet cotton thread Friday, and whipped up some beautiful black lace in a few hours. I introduced her to ribbon that we found at a dress shop in her hometown that sells a few lines of nice yarn, mostly Berocco and Crystal Palace, and she's making a purse for me. Those photos will have to wait until Monday, too....

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  1. Nice work on the tank! I like those staggered eyelets. They kind of remind me of watermelon seeds, which is a very happy summer thought--I think it's perfect!


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