Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Creative Family

Raven's First PotteryI enjoyed a creative weekend at my parents' home. I got DD a pottery wheel for kids, and promised to help her, but she awoke before anybody else, and was determined to operate the wheel by herself. Here's her latest creations of miniature flower pots. She also crocheted a few chains, but as kids always do, got bored very quickly and moved on to the next thing.

Mom Crochets a Ribbon Yarn PurseHere's some Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon being crocheted into a summer purse for me by my Mom. Luckily I have a high-speed shutter mode on my camera, or her hands would look like a big blur. With no pattern, no swatch, and a lot of imagination, she freeforms her projects beautifully...

Mom's Freeform Crochet Lace...like this crochet lace, that is slowly growing into a beautiful shawl. She can just look at a photo of crochet, and copy it. She never learned to read patterns. She just simply picked up a hook, watched my Great-Grandma closely, and copied.

I love how she makes a chain, wraps it around the lucky recipient's head, starts hooking a hat, then an hour or so later, she asks, "Do you like it?" I say, "No, Mom, I LOVE IT!".

Mom's Crochet Hat and Scarf Set Mom's Crochet Hat Mom's Crochet Hat

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