Sunday, June 12, 2005

Beads, Yarn, and Books

Creative Mess

Here's what my kitchen table looks like on a typical evening. I've been facinated with beading lately, especially with wire jewelry. I've had a stash of supplies for over 10 years, but wasn't inspired until I recently got a few books & magazines. Luckily this craft doesn't take up as much space as yarn!

First EarringsHere's my first inspired project - freshwater pearl dangle earrings for my Mom's b-day present. They look totally handmade, but she loves anything made personally for her. Not only is it her birthstone, but she is also a pearl freak. Now she wants to learn how to make jewelry too!

When restarting the ponchette, I had a big DUH moment. I had knitted the yarnovers through the back loop, to made the holes smaller. Guess what that does to your gauge? DUH! These two skeins are from the same dye lot, but the second one has a much darker purple. I thought dye lots were supposed to match! It's possible that the skeins were improperly re-labeled, since I see lots of floating labels and bare skeins, from the result of overzealous yarn shopping. I will try striping from different skeins.

My Dad is wonderful. He bought me Ribbon Knits for $4.00, thinking that if I already had it or didn't like it, not much was wasted. However, this is a cute book, with simple patterns that show off beautiful ribbon yarn from the author's company, Judy & Co. At $20-$30 per 100 yd skeins, I'll substitute! (Warning, the crochet patterns include only a granny square vest and a few purses.)

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