Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Knitting Right Along...

Secret Pal SockI've returned to the Magic Loop for Sockpaltwoza. The annoyance of adjusting stitches across the cables on every round outweighs the horror of slipping dpn's or counting perfect rows only to find that the gauge was tighter on the first sock. These cute short-row toes will eventually merge into eyelet ribbing, because my pal likes lace, which I've never knitted, and frankly, I'm a bit intimidated.

Mini-TemptingI love making quick cute little tops for DD. She is always grateful for my handmade gifts. When she exclaims, "That's beautiful, Mommy!" I beam. Awhile later she'll ask, "So when will you finish, Mommy?" and I may roll my eyes, but her impatience does inspire me. Knitting in itself is fun, but when someone else truly appreciates my handwork, and spins around in circles upon wearing it, I get a complete sense of satisfaction.

This top is a variation of Knitty's Tempting, much smaller of course, and I'll add a ragland yoke. I'm using the LB Cotton Ease that many knitlisters are hoarding, and I can feel why. But the real test will be the post-washed state...

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