Friday, July 15, 2005

Yarn-ho, yarn-ho, it's off to work I go....

I felt guilty about using Senso crochet cotton for my Sock Pal. I mean, it IS soft and stretchy, but it's only a little over $1.00 per ball. So I thought, why not knit two pairs of socks? After all, she has relatively small feet, and she likes ankle socks.

I went to my LYS to scope out the goods, and the Koigu is nice, but still, I can't fathom spending $20.00 on a pair of socks. Then I got to talking to the owner. Come to find out, we know each other through a few degress of separation, and suddenly, she asks if I'd like to work there. My right brain starts screaming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while my left brain is reasoning, "but you only just starting knitting, and what about your old job, and how will you....?"

Needless to say, I was so stoked, I walked out and forgot all about the sock yarn. I listened to rightie, and I start today. Wish me luck. If all goes well, I may end up being the store manager!


  1. FUN!

    Which LYS, I'll come visit!

  2. Now see, I don't read you for a few days and look what happens?!?! That's great Mei. Congratulations on the job. Very exciting.

  3. Awesome job. I envy you in a good way.
    PS: I am from the loom knitting yahoo groups :).


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