Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ribbon & Ribbing Ragland

Ribbon & Ribbing RaglandThis top was inspired by Tempting, and shaped via Ann Budd's genius book.

When DD came to work with me for a few hours today (under my wonderful owner's suggestion) she appropriately wore RRR. Compliments ranged from "That is darling!" to "You need to write the pattern!" I'm not sure if I can really call it my own creation though, since it's so heavily borrowed from elsewhere.

I'm not a pattern writer, so I followed Ann Budd's ragland sweater schematics as a general guide, but rounded the numbers of body and sleeve sts up to a multiple of 8 to fit the 2x2 ribbing. For dec rounds, 4 sts before marker, K2-tog, K1, P2, K1, SSK. Then K the K's and P the P's for all other sts. Instead of making the neck all the way up, I stopped when I reached the same number of sts as the body, then made the eyelet rnd, *K2, P2-tog, YO, K2, YO, P2-tog* Repeat. Make 4 more rnds of K2-P2 ribbing, and on the last rnd, P2-tog the P2's in between the markers of the sleeve sts only. BO in pattern, 3-needle-BO the underarm sts loosely, weave ends, thread a ribbon through the eyelets.

I'm pinching myself now, because I can't believe I am now the manager of a yarn store. It all happened so quickly, it's almost too good to be true. I have lots to learn beyond the variety of beautiful yarn. I have to learn how to work with a new group of people, keep inventory, and help knitters with their array of needs. So far, this has been a wonderful experience.


  1. Your daughter's top is truly adorable! Congratulatins on the manager job! Ah, to run wild amongst all that fiber.....sigh......
    Your SP5

  2. good job on the top! i didn't make it to the SnB on sunday....too tired! i'll try to stop in the yarn store on my lunch break one day this week!

  3. Your daughter is so cut ein this top and it looks great on her. I'm just curious, what modifications did you make?

  4. Darling daughter and cute top! Love the color.


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