Saturday, August 20, 2005

FO: My First Own Socks!

My own first pairI'm so excited about having my own first pair of handmade socks to wear! These are made with Elann's Sock-it-to-Me, on size 2.5mm 40" circs via the magic loop for the foot, and then I switched to 2.25mm dpn's for the ribbed cuffs. I used the suspended BO with 3.25mm, but it's still a little tight if I wear them pulled up, but fine when folded down.

After a warm water machine wash and low heat dryer, the stitches are perfect, and the socks shrank a bit, so they fit now. I can hardly wait for cool weather, so I can sport these with a pair of comfy loafers at work!

Thanks Gina for the yarn, and guiding me through the toe-up CO. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for the Sock-Pal exchange. I've got to get on the ball and finish mine too!

I followed most of the advice in Queen Kahuna Crazy Toes and Heels. I started with the Aloha CO, then did a standard short row heel, with a small gusset increase before and decrease after the heel, but with the suspended BO. My next own pair will be 100% QK style, since Mary Anne is the best thing to happen to sock knitting since the invention of the needle. Thanks for sharing your genius with the world!


  1. They look great! And the colours are beautiful!

  2. Not only to they look great, they look like they won't fall down!

  3. Those are really your first? Wow, they look great--what a fun color!

  4. Not the first socks I ever knitted, but my OWN first pair. First one was too small for DD, so it's on my knitting table stuffed w/ scrap yarn. The first sucessful pair for DD are too thick for shoes, lol.

  5. Congrats on your first socks! They are just fabulous-ishness! Whoo Hoo!!!


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