Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dishcloths & Fair Isle

click to enlargeI joined a dishcloth exchange. I think it'll be a fun way to use my cotton stash, practice stitch patterns, and have fun sending knitted gifts across the continent. Here's my first submission, a lovely chevron in reverse stockingnette stripes, which looks equally nice on both sides. This is the JIC cloth (just-in-case somebody flakes out of the exchange, their receipient can get a replacement from the JIC stash.)

click to enlargeMy second real attempt at fair isle is fun at best, since it's a real challenge to knit both right & left handed at once. It's so darn difficult to get those color changes nice and even, because you have to tension the back strands just right, or you get uneven stitches, like mine. Good news is that this hat is way too big and too drapey for a hat. Yes, GOOD news, because now I can slightly full, or felt, this 100% silky alpaca, and not only will I get a thick warm hat, hopefully fulling will equalize the stitches, and smooth my fair isle into perfection.


  1. Ok, that fair isle looks pretty darn good to me! It isn't a close up or anything, but I'm impressed. That's another thing on my someday list.

  2. i would love to know where you found this dishcloth exchange as I've been looking for one!

  3. I've been wanting to try some fair isle-ing... especially when I see others' online experiment with it to good results!


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