Monday, August 15, 2005

Sock Progress Report

click to enlargeMy Secret Pal's socks are about to get their heels turned. After that, they'll be nearly finished, as she prefers ankle socks. Next, I'll knit up a pair with that Kool-Aid dyed merino, and whichever ones look better, will be the ones she'll get.

click to enlargeI'm about an inch away from completing my own first pair of socks, finally! The only problem is, they're nearly two inches too long for my feet. I'm hoping that a hot water wash and machine dry will take care of this problem, but if not, then I just may donate these to someone with narrow size 9 feet.

There's also the option of performing surgery on these socks. I could feasibly cut out and unravel the heels and toes, then reknit them a little smaller. Essentially, I'd be making peasant socks, which will be something new and exciting for me.


  1. They both look just lovely! Beautiful colors!

  2. looking good!
    did you come by yesterday? i didn't see the shirt on the porch.. if not, i can get it some other time. let me know if and when you'd like to get together and knit again.

  3. To cut or not to cut--always so hard to revisit projects that are supposed to be finished! The SP socks look good too. You said that was your own pattern, right? Will you be posting it?


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