Monday, August 08, 2005

Double Eyelet Ribbing

Double Eyelet RibbingUsing Hayden by Goddess Yarns, a strong and smooth cotton/linen blend, I'm trying to design a top that looks like I tried, but knits quickly. I like my clothes to fit at the waist, but calculating inc's and dec's for waist shaping is a feat better suited for the more experienced.

So I'm going with ribbing instead of shaping, using the same eyelet pattern as my orange socks. I think this pattern will be work nicely as a top similar to my DD's RRR. Problem is, I can't decide if I should stop here with the eyelets for trim only, or keep knitting eyelets to just under my breasts, or go all the way, and have eyelets over the entire sweater. What do you think?


  1. How about eyelest to just below the bust...I think that would be very pretty :)
    Your SP

  2. Hmmm... I think I'd keep with the eyelets to the bust or all the way. I like the pattern, wouldn't want to stop with just the edges!

  3. I'd definately make the eyelet pattern the body of the garment -where or if you stop it is your call. It's beautiful!

  4. i like the idea of eyelets all over, but maybe you can do the bust area as St.St? no ribbing? that would be very chic.

  5. Ohhh The eyelets look sooooooo Pretty.. Keep Going.. I want to see More :)


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