Thursday, October 13, 2005

Going Pro

Now that the weather is cooling down, the knitting business is heating up. While remodeling the yarn shop, the customers seem to enjoy the mess of beautiful yarn sprawled everywhere. I helped hire a new employee, and Nicole is amazing. She knits well, she's smart & articulate, she's a people person, and has great work ethic. In fact, she might make a better manager than me!

The AELC hired me as their new knitting instructor, and I taught my first class today. Though I was nervous, I came prepared, said a few prayers, and after 90 minutes, 5 more people know how to cast on and knit. Now my students are all happily knitting away on their first garter stitch scarf. I can't wait to see them again, and teach them to bind off. Then we'll get to the next lesson - the purl stitch.

I'm still knitting on my commision project. It's growing slowly, because I want it to be perfect, and it is absolutely so. I just hope Bonnie will be pleased. If all goes well, I'll be charging a lot more for my precious time.

I'm sure Nipper has received her socks by now, though I've yet to hear from her. Maybe they're not her style, or they don't fit, or hopefully, she's just too busy to thank me. Anyhoo, here they are, in all their hand-dyed glory....

Kool-Aid Socks

I tried the new "meme" where you google "$yourname + needs" and because my name also appears as an acronym, I got some interesting results....

1. MEI Needs Volunteers.
2. MEI Needs English Conversation Partners.
3. Mei needs a great deal of guidance.
4. Mei needs a nap.
5. Mei needs to step it back!
6. MEI needs to collect funds or other goods from the public and private sectors by any appropriate means.
7. Mei needs to tone it down.
8. Mei needs 2 wake up and realise how damn lucky she is.
9. Mei needs them because she is growing.
10. Mei needs to go to the Market.

Damn, that's better than a fortune cookie!


  1. Hmm.

    wow.. truly an interesting blog... although I am colour-blind I have to say that those socks look good.



  2. Love the sock colors, the stripes turned out great! Oh, and about your meme--I'd been meaning to ask you about your name. I worked in a Hmong neighborhood, and almost all the little girls there had names that started with Mei-. I hadn't run into that name anywhere else. So, I'm curious, where is your name from?

  3. i think the socks turned out wonderful, and i do like the color! congrats on the teaching gig.

  4. As one of Mei's students, I can say that she is a fantastic teacher! I am so in awe of her knitting skills...and I plan on learning as much as I possibly can from her!

  5. Congrats on the new gig(s)!

  6. Congrats on the teaching job, awesome! The sockpal socks are so pretty, good job on that too!

  7. I just tried googling my name + needs (Mei needs), and yours is the first page that showed up, with "Mei needs a nap" highlighted. It's crazy because I knit/crochet too. Wow.

  8. Socks look great can you point me in the direction for the heel and toe that you use?

  9. Socks look great can you point me in the direction for the heel and toe that you use?

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