Monday, October 03, 2005

Bon Voyage, Knits!

My Sockapalooza Kool-Aid Socks are on their way to NYC. My Doily Syle Dishcloth is on its way to Canada. Not spoil the surprises, I will post photos after they are received.

Halloween Dishcloth ExchangeMy Dishcloth Pal not only sent me the coolest jack-o-lantern cloth, but some other great goodies as well. Now I can experiment with cross stitch. Thanks a million, Tamie, for making my day! I wonder though, if anybody actually uses such divine dishcloths? This one will be saved for holiday decoration for many years to come.

I sent my Sock Pal Nipper some lime-green Koigu w/ matching handmade stitch markers as an apology gift, and since she likes it, good karma still surrounds me. I even had enough yarn left over for another pair of Kool-Aid socks, so DD's wish will come true after all.

Frosting Hat & ScarfFor DD's B-day, I whipped up some Frosting in just a few hours. This furry hat & scarf combo is made w/ Hobby Lobby's new Yarn Bee line in Frosting. Using the suggested 6.5mm needles, I ended up with cardboard-stiff fabric, so I worked my way up to 12.5mm for the scarf, and 10mm for the hat. I only used 1 skein, with plenty left over for some fluffy-cuff mittens. Not bad for $4.00.

I've been commissioned to knit for someone! Bonnie, one of my favorite customers, gave me some yarn, bought me the new Interweave Wrap Style, pointed to Norah Gaughan's Twisty Turns, and asked, "Will you knit this for $100?" I happily said yes, though calculated hourly, I won't make much, but I'm doing it for the glory.


  1. She is adorable in her new ensemble! Tell her happy birthday for me. Have fun with the commission! Sometimes I wish I could get someone to pay me for knitting, but then I remember that I'm still desperately knitting on my sock pal's socks... Maybe it's better that no one relies on my knitting :)

  2. I would love to hear about the twisty turns progress... i have been trying to get the gumption to start it, but the whole end process seems a bit intimidating!!!

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  5. Do you know any good knitting jokes?
    I've never heard one.

    Your Flickr pictures are great.


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