Thursday, December 15, 2005

Knitting Class & Yarn Tour

Everyone passed their finals in knitting class...
Kim, Lindsay, Mei, and Karen
And these students were exempt from exams due to their exceptional progress. In fact, they're so good, they're attracting high-school groupies.
Susannah, Mei, Cherilyn, Ashley, and Susan
Cherilyn even knits both left & right handed, so she knits back and forth without having to turn her work & purl for stockinette. She's a switch knitter!

Here's a short tour of Handworks Gallery. The first holds Artful Yarns, Jo Sharp, and...
Handworks Gallery Artful Yarns and Jo Sharp
the wall of Blue Heron.
Handworks Gallery Blue Heron
The second room holds Rowan wools, Vittadini, and Reynolds.
Handworks Gallery Rowan Room
This is what I call the VIP room, with the Colinette, Koigu, Prism, Trendsetter, Berroco, and some cashmere yarns.
Handworks Gallery VIP Room
The forth room is the Goddess Room.
Handworks Gallery Goddess Room
And last but not least, the Hall of Lopi
Handworks Gallery Wall of Lopi
Yes, I know the shelves aren't perfectly stuffed and aligned, but this isn't even half of the walls of yarn, and I'm responsible for the entire store. Sounds like hard work? Not really - it's more like paradise.


  1. Ooooh! I love the Hall of Lopi!

  2. Hello from Norway, I loved those photos of all the great yarn. Wish I could have owned it all. Hi hi.

  3. I would love to be locked up with all the yarn......

    Regards from Norway


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