Sunday, April 30, 2006

Baby Hat & Booties

baby stuffD'sis & D'neph are doing well - going to visit again today, then tomorrow, then the day I'm going to cook dinner, so I won't be too annoying.

I love baby things - so quick to knit! This is Caron Soft, inexpensive, but machine washable & dryable, and like its namesake, very silky indeed!

Hat: magic loop w/ 3.5mm 80cm Turbos, CO 100 sts, K2-P2, after 4" mark every 20 sts and K2-tog before each marker every round until 10 left, draw yarn through.

Socks: m'loop 2 at once w/ 3.5mm 80cm Turbos, Turkish cast-on 12 sts each, inc 1 st at each end of each side EOR to 24 sts, short row heel, K1-P1 cuff, kitchener BO.

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