Thursday, April 27, 2006

Felted Flowers

Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool dyed with Kool-AidMy first trials of Kool-Aid wool dyeing look yummy just sitting in my yarn bowl.

Eventually those vibrant cherry, orange, and lemonade colors beckoned me to crochet flowers.

Then it occured to me to throw them in the wash, and voila, felted flower pins! Cute, eh?

Crochet Flower   Felted Flower


  1. Very adorable Mei! I have some patterns for some knitted flowers to felt, I need to get them out and play! Great for a spring pattern! I did get my knitpicks yarn to dye, call me and we will pick a date to dye!

  2. Oh my Gosh!!! that is so cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not that amazing. I'm a fairly new knitter myself and self taught. I haven't even done anything hard yet... that's why I am going to try fair isle.... very soon, as soon as I get all my WIP's finished. That's my problem, I also try to be a disciplined knitter.

    When you visit houston, I'll be more than glad to take you around.

  3. Love the felted could put it on a hat too. Nice.

  4. So cute... I love your blog.. I will come back always.


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