Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Button Wrap

I finally finished it and mailed it off. Hope you & your Mom like it Nicol!

Button Wrap

Make a 17" x 65" rectangle with a buttonhole 9 inches from one end, 4 inches from the side, and add three giant buttons on the other end, first one 9 inches from the end, 4 inches from the edge, and add the other two spaced 4 inches apart towards the middle.

Though the curling of straight stockingnette makes a nice rolled border, I may try this again with non-curling edge stitches as I knit it, or pick up & knit the edges to do so. Either way, this simple wrap feels fabulous - just the right amount of warmth to take away the chill, and a little drama to boot!


  1. Very lovely, both you and the wrap =)

  2. I love that, and thanks for the info on how to make it. I just bought a knitting machine and would love to make something similar but wasn't sure where to put the buttons. Thanks!

  3. This is probably a stupid question, but I'm a novice many stitches do you cast on to get 17"? I want to use Plymouth yarn called Heaven...if you are familiar with it, do you think it is too stretchy??


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