Friday, April 21, 2006


ZekeSorry gals to miss out on Knit Night, but I have a very good reason why. My new baby nephew Zeke is just too irresistable!

Born today, just shy of 6am, he was a hefty 8lb 8oz! Everyone is doing well, and very proud of the new additon to our family.

That's my happy Mom cooing at the little boy wonder in the nurse's arms. He is just about the cutest baby I've ever seen (aside from my own of course!)

ZekeI'll be back and forth at the hospital, spending my spare time on his first baby beanie. I originally planned for cables or something heirloom-like, but I opted for the underrated 2x2 rib. It'll be less bumpy on his soft head, and stretch to fit from his current 15" to his future 18" size.

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