Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dyeing a Rainbow

Colorful CottonNow that spring has sprung, my latest passion is dyeing 100% cotton yarn with tie-dye kits. This is 840 yards of pure USA fiber, in a proper rainbow self-striping colorway. I wound a 70-ft hank to get the 10-ft repeats, so that means I walked around in a big circle the distance of over 8 football fields. Playing with yarn is good exercise.

Once I got it all dyed and washed, I had to walk the walk all over again to wind it back into a normal yard-wide hank. So altogether, I walked a mile for this yarn.

Colorful Cotton

It was so much fun, I'm doing it over and over again....

Yarn Dyeing Kits


  1. Nice new pic, I wonder where that was taken at. It looks like a really cool place with really awsome waiters, well at least one awsome waiter!

  2. Girl that looks good!! Have fun at your class tonight! Still coming over tonight??

  3. I saw your brown/pink/green socks on craftster! Beautiful! How did you get the brown? The cherry and green? The rainbow yarn is so colorful!!!!!

  4. Yes, 2 packs of cherry and 10 packs of lemon lime makes a nice warm brown.

  5. so when is the next friday night knit? i want to get together and knit soon...

    the rainbow yarn is beautiful! you've been busy.

  6. how do you wrap the yarn like that?? i dyed yarn this weekend but i do not know how to store it. Jennifer


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