Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crochet Beanie

click to enlargeI don't know why I do it. With plenty of WIP's to keep me busy, I keep starting little instant gratification projects. Like the 2-hour crochet beanie, because I need a white shield to keep my dark hair from baking in the sun.

Crochet in the round looks much better, especially at the join, when you turn your work each round. Sounds like an oxymoron, but really, all you do is join each round with an slipstitch, make your turning chain, then turn your work just like with flat rows. If you're making with color stripes, this will prevent that jog at the ss join and your "seam" will be nice and straight.


  1. Love the hat!! I wonder if it can be done on a loom?? I'm in the process of taking crochet lessons and maybe one day I'll be able to make this hat!! Can you send the pattern to katzep128@msn.com

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Kathy Zepeda

  2. beautiful! I totally understand what yo say about instant gratification! ;)

  3. Can you send the pattern to angielarson@gmail.com


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