Monday, May 08, 2006

Short Thing

Mini-RaglandAnother great design idea came from DD and the intended cap-sleeve ribbon cardi. With the top-down ragland try-it-on-as-you-knit, I was making sure the body and sleeves were divided correctly, and she suggested, "Just add ribbing on the edges and ties in front to make one of those short things that go over tank tops." After seeing this FO she squealed, "We should start a clothing company. I'll be the designer, and you'll be the knitter."

She's already worn it 2 days in a row, and her friends want one, too. I haven't answered them yet, because though it's only $10 worth of yarn, it's about $50 worth of my time, which most parents won't shell out for a 4th grader.

Mini-RaglandDon't ask me for the pattern, because I don't really know what I did just yet. Combining ideas from Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top and Vogue Knitting's design chapter, somehow I managed something cute. And it all came together very quickly - about 5 hours altogether. I should make a twinkie version for me!


  1. Wow, my daughter would love one of those! (so would I actually) I hope you share the pattern sometime! You inspired me to get out my crochet hook too.

  2. How great is that cropped top -- you and your daughter make a creative team!

  3. Your daughter is adorable!! The "short thing" (love that name btw) looks great on her!!

    -night_owl (from craftster)


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