Friday, May 26, 2006

Too Hot To Knit

Sadly, I'm no longer managing the yarn store. I enjoyed every minute of the gig, but I had to return to my old job. My finace has owned a wood laminating factory for years, and I helped him set up to sell skateboards. It was a success, so of course he was a little sore when I took off to follow my knitting path. Now the relationship is back on par, I can still knit, teach occasional knitting classes, and enjoy all the knit clubs around town.

Handpainted CottonI haven't been knitting anything big lately - just swatching here and there. Here's some of my handpainted cotton. It's lovely and cheerful in a psychedelic tie-dye sort of way. With variegated yarns, no matter how random I think the color sequence is, there is always some sort of zigzaging or pooling. It can be nice if it's done just right, but with my luck, I get undesirable results.

EntrelacThen I came across an entrelac sweater pattern in Kristine Clever's Clever Knits: Great Looks for Kids. Eureaka! I'd like to design a cotton summer top with such a pattern, but how the heck does one do armhole shaping with entrelac? Drop shoulders make women look like a linebacker. Time to bust out the calculater, so stay tuned....


  1. first of all, i love the work you do. have you seen/tried to knit things from MOdular knit by Iris Schreier. i think you would like some of her patterns/techniques. i have the book and some of the stuff is neat. she also has a yahoo group tailored to the book.

  2. too bad you aren't managing the yarn shop anymore. sounds like a dream job. ;) I love your work, btw :D


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