Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Random Yarn Play

I'm just knitting swatches, dishcloths, and a few rows here and there on WIP's. My progress is slow, so I'll spare you and post photos when they're done.

My new favorite easy stitch pattern is the knot stitch. This dishcloth is made with the handpainted yarn dyed to match my kitchen.

Knot Stitch Dishcloth

I checked out Principles of Knitting again, and read over what I missed when my eyes would glaze over. I learned more about wrapped short rows, and why mine always look looser on one side. Basically, you always start the wrap with the yarn on the wrong side, slip the next stitch, bring the yarn to the front side, slip the stitch back, and turn. Then when knitting the wrapped stitch on the front side, knit (or purl) the wrap together with its stitch. On the wrong side, SSK or SSP the wrap with its stitch.

My men love me - they got me more knitting books. Dad's gift is on the left, finace's on the right, including a subscription to Interweave Knits!

Dad's Books Fiance's Books

Friendship BraceletI've been wanting to do a craftster.org swap, but couldn't find anything yarn-related, except for this friendship bracelet exchange. Each person sends out to 4 different people, and receives 4 in exchange. I used to make loads of these in high school, and actually still have my DMC floss stash, so I'm using that. After getting a good review for the first swap, I can organize my own, so I'll create some knitting, crochet, and yarn-dye swaps soon.

click to enlargeMy dishcloth partner sent me this cute dragonfly cloth! More cute patterns can be found at purpleduckie.com. Check out her blog - she's got some great yarn dyeing photos too!

I'm still admiring my latest cotton dyeing experiment and wondering what it shall become. It's self-striping and variegated, so it may be the perfect candidate for a Modular Knits project. My first rainbow striping skein sold to a lucky Ebayer in NYC. Someday, my yarn may be proudly sported on the streets of Manhattan!

Variegated Self-Striping Cotton Handpainted Cotton Yarn

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  1. Hi, Your yarn looks great on your dishcloth. Can you share with me what kind of cotton yarn you used and what kind of dye you used? I have a hard time finding colors for my kitchen and would love to try to dye my own.
    Thank you so much.


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