Monday, June 26, 2006

Knot More Dishcloths!

I've been busy making other knots as well. I finally finished those friendship bracelets, and when my swapmates receive them, I'll post the photos.

I love this knot stitch. Any worsted 100% cotton'll do. White for A, my own handpainted for B, 4.5mm needles & crochet hook.

CO an odd # of sts with color A (I think mine is 45)
K 1 row
Row 1: (RS) with B, K all
Row 2: K1, *P2tog and K2tog in the next 2 sts, rep from *
Row 3: with A, K all
Row 4: *P2tog and K2tog in the next 2 sts, rep from * to last st, K1

Rep these 4 rows, carrying new color loosely up the side. End with row 3, BO in A, then add a crochet border with A to beautify it even more. Yes, that's all there is to it. Now go make yourself something snazzy.

Note: P2tog and K2tog in the next 2 sts is a lot like an increase Kf&b, or knitting into the front and back of a stitch. Except in this case, you P2tog, then without dropping the sts on the left needle, you K2tog those same 2 stitches again. The stitch count never changes.

Knot Stitch Dishcloth Pattern


  1. I don't understand your pattern directions for this knotted dishcloth? If you could clarify, I would greatly appreciate it:)

  2. I am trying to figure out your Knot More Dishcloths pattern. Are there some yarn overs or make 1's missing? All the P2tog and K2tog is going to eventually leave me with nothing...

  3. Hi, I guess I am confused as well, how do you maintain the number of cast on stitches?

  4. You knit two together, then without dropping the two stitches off the left needle, purl those same two together. There's no change in stitch count.


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