Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kitchener Stitch in Pattern

Goddess Hayden Lace Rib RaglanSeems like everyone in knitblogland is working on an amazing lace project, and I've seen some gorgeous shawls that make me want to buy a mile of handpainted yarn too, but this'll have to do. Yanked from a UFO pile, my ribbed lace raglan finally has sleeves.

To follow the seamless theme, I wanted a grafted, or kitchenered underarm, but wait! Is it possible to graft ribbing? I did find instructions for 1x1 and 2x2 rib, but what about 5x2 rib? Help! So while examining the instructions, I had a eureka moment.

This is not a kitchener lesson (go here for that), but basically the stockingnette kitchener is:

Setup: Front P, Back K
Sequence *Front K (drop), then P; Back P (drop) then K*
Last 2: Front K (drop); Back P (drop)

We've all heard the saying that there is only one stitch in knitting. Stick your needle in the front, it's a knit, stick your needle in the back, it's a purl. Same holds true for kitchener, so provided your stitch pattern is the same on both needles, all you do when you reach a purl, is stick your needle into it the opposite way of a knit. It really is that simple. Say you are grafting 1 x 1 ribbing, starting with K ending with P, then you'd go:

Setup: Front P, Back K
Sequence: *Front K (drop), then K; Back P (drop) then P;
Front P (drop), then P; Back K (drop), then K*
Last 2: Front P (drop); Back K (drop)

How do I do a kitchener stitch in ribbing?Just insert the needle in the opposite direction on purls.Kitchener stitch in pattern looks amazing!

Then only problem is that, like picking up from an open cast on and knitting the opposite direction, it offsets by half a stitch. This doesn't really show in stockingnette, but it's somewhat apparent in knit-purl combos. However, I still think it looks nice, and makes a stretchy underarm seam.

Knit NASCARI also discovered today that I do like NASCAR after all, as long as I have something to knit while watching. This makes my fiance extremely happy. Cheers for Tony Stewart! Home Depot is one of my favorite stores.

Oh, and Happy Canada Day neighbors!

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  1. Mei - My next project...knitting with a kit at Hobby Lobby on clearance. Thought I'd give it a whirl. That is if I ever finish ironing the fabric!

    Are we meeting on Friday? I'll bring the purse then!


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