Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Greenish Halter Top

Bone Ring ButtonHere's another one of my experiments. The majority of the body was machine-knit, and I knit the top front and borders by hand. I recently discovered what bone rings are. I bought a ton of them in different sizes when I found them on clearance. They're not stitch markers as I thought, but bases for handmade buttons. I simply made a round of single crochet around one and voila - a button that matches perfectly.

Green Halter Top Front Green Halter Top Back

My ideal left-slanting decrease is the SSP. Nona researched several good ones too, but when it's possible to make the decs on on the wrong side, the SSP matches the K2tog perfectly. Slip 2 stitches, one at a time, as if to knit them, return them to the left needle, then reach your right tip around the back of the stitches, insert from left to right, then purl them together.

Green Halter Top Back

The SSP is on the right, K2tog on the left. Normally, you'd SSK at the beginning of the front-side rows and K2tog at the end. Instead, I SSP at the end of the wrong-side rows. In lace patterns where the dec can't be moved, the SSK is my favorite for ease, but I can't wait to try Nona's crossed decrease on my next project!

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  1. this is sooo cute!! do you have a pattern? :)


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