Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Drunken Dye Party

The Dye GirlsGet some friends together, add some wool, dye, and lots of beer, and suddenly, we're having FUN!

You can check out the rest of our antics on my Flickr account.

D'wan's Fruit LoopI came with wool yarn & kool-aid, but gave it all to D'wan. It was her first time and said she'd just watch. No freakin way was I going to let that happen! So we mixed it and watched her create Fruit Loop. Nice!

Kelley also brought roving and spindles and gave us lessons. We were so entranced that we forgot to take photos. Oh how I want to spin now! Until then, I still have more yarn than I can handle. On the left is cotton with leftover dye from summercamp. On the right was the last week's wool experiment, which initially looked like roadkill, until I overdyed it with lots of black cherry Kool-Aid.

Handpainted Cotton and Wool Yarn

I'm off to knit....


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