Thursday, July 06, 2006

Photo of Hayden

Hayden LaceThere she is, in all her knitted glory. For those who want a pattern, I first must fix the tight underarms and learn how to translate my technique to different sizes. If you're the brave sort who enjoys testing pattern instructions, I will post it soon, so long as you promise to truthfully critique and post photos of your finished Hayden.


  1. red is really your color! this is a wonderful FO!

  2. I can't wait for you to post that pattern! I would be happy to knit it and let you know what I think. It looks fabulous on you!

  3. Hey girl! Looks fabu!!!
    Maria says HI! I stopped by yesterday to get some yarn for a hat and she was asking about you! Can't wait to get the pattern! Would love to see if an "ample" person can knit one.....If you need any help wiht the designing of the pattern let me know and I can help! Have nothing but time... lol

  4. great! color, shape, sizing... everything about it! I'd knitt ir for next summer (december in Chile), but promise pics.

  5. Photo of Hayden --
    I really would love the pattern to this!

    If my day were perfect, I would be back in Arkansas........I miss my mountains of 30 yrs so very badly...

    email if you need, ladyoutlaw3x3 at yahoo will get it right to me.,
    Great Job !


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