Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer Camp

I never went to summer camp as a kid, not because my parents couldn't afford it, but because I didn't want to miss hanging with friends at the pool, or riding bikes for hours, staying up late, and watching Friday Night Videos. That was all the summer fun I needed.

Summer CampIf I'd known about day camps like the one I just taught, I would've gone. For 4 days, we dabbled in soapmaking, sewing, polymer clay beads, tie-dye, jewelry making, and crochet. With the help of Jan's glass fusing portion, and Susannah who at the last minute became teacher #2, we had so much fun, I'm seriously considering a degree in education.

I also finished my first adult crochet class today, and I could kick myself for not bringing my camera. My amazing students advanced way more than I expected. I planned on just teaching as far as the double crochet stitch for scarves, pillows, and afghans, but they surpassed that after the 2nd class, and by the 4th class, they mastered the shell stitch, granny squares, and have already moved on to clothing.

Summer Camp CrochetI have to admit though, I am most proud of my summer camp girls. Though I only got as far as the single crochet stitch, with that, they were already designing scarves, bracelets, phone cozies, and belts!

I overheard a few girls chatting over their crochet, "My mom got me this cool basket for my projects. And look at this new yarn she got me!"

(Oooh's and Ahhhh's over the variegated chenille.)

"My mom took me shopping too, and OMG, you should see all the cool yarn with sparkles and fuzzy stuff!"

"Oh I know, yarn is so, like, totally ADDICTIVE!"


  1. what a great group of girls, and a great teacher you are =)

    sorry i couldn't help out. i *think* i've found a daycare/preschool for the kids. so maybe i can assist on the next one?

    sorry i missed knitting last night...this is d'wan by the way.

  2. aw you are blessed for being able to teach those girls! i bet it was alot of fun!


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